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Daily Forex Signal and Analysis.


Monday. Usually, monday is moody day for traders. Not much volume and not so volatile movement. Today, when market open, my position is auto close with big profit in hand. So i think i will not trade today as my daily target is overly reached. Maybe today we can see some nasty movement base on last week worst NFP data.

From my experiences, i think this a good signal for trend changing. Maybe, give me some hint that wave 3 (Elliot wave) is in beginning mode in crossing @ vs yen pair. Will have to pay more intention in this one. That's all for today folks.

Hint: You all can see that 30m chart is retesting lwma 200 in all crossing pair.

1- Forex signal for gbp/usd - Buy @ 1.7610
Status - Closed @ 1.7810 +200 pips.
2- Forex signal for gbp/jpy - Buy @ 187.80
Status - Closed @ 193.80 +600 pips.
3- Forex signal for eur/jpy - Buy @ 152.00
Status - Closed @ 156.00 +400 pips
4- Forex signal for aud/jpy - Buy @ 86.50
Status - Closed @ 90.00 +350 pips.

Total - 1550 pips. Woohooo..


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