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iPhone 3G will have MMS AT&T email says.


A new leak from within the heart of AT&T contains a surprising revelation about a hereto unknown feature of the iPhone 3G... a feature so incredible and jaw-dropping that several notable technology experts are already describing it as "impossible" and "like magic."

According to the leaked internal email, AT&T says that the iPhone 3G will be able to take text messages — ordinary, dull-as-dishwater text messages, the snail mail or the cellular band — and somehow bake into them (attach, if you will) advanced 21st century data streams such as pictures. And audio. And movies.

Frankly, we're skeptical. A technological advance like this would have been front and center at WWDC, along with Steve Jobs' triumphant announcement of their new pocket-sized time-travel capacitor, the iFlux. Instead, we hear nothing, except from industry analysts quaking in their boots, darkly murmuring about some industry-redefining technology that Apple has stumbled upon, which they call — with holy dread — a "multimedia messaging service."


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