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James Fagan - Defense attorney has infuriated supporters of Jessica's Law.


I believe that every criminal deserved his (or her) day in court to prove without a reasonable doubt that they didn't commit a crime, but vowing to wreck a child's life seems a bit extreme to me. His statement gives you an idea of what's in the true heart of a lawyer. No mercy.

Mark Lunsford, the father of Jessica Lunsford - the namesake of the bill - said that he didn't want to put her name on a bill that wouldn't help impose stiffer penalties for multiple sex offenders that prey on children. Jessica was raped and killed by a 47 year old John Couey, a multiple sex offender in 2005. She was 9 years old.

Fagan didn't return phone calls concerning the incident and the bill is currently in front of the US Senate.


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