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JohnTV.com is one Oklahoma man's effort to target, expose and impact street and organized prostitution and the sexual trafficking of individuals.

Street prostitution is not a victimless crime. The victims are everywhere; The families living in these neighborhoods, the businesses, the children who cannot play in the parks, the wives and daughters who cannot walk to the store, the wives of the men who solicit street prostitutes, the families of the prostitutes and the prostitutes themselves - all are victims.

The goals of this site are... 1.) To educate the public to the graphic realities of street prostitution in an effort to spur a continued dialogue on the subject. 2.) To expose and identify those who have preyed upon women lost to drug addiction and street prostitution. 3.) Use those caught and published here as an example to hopefully dissuade others. 4.) Expose the inability and/or unwillingness of certain city leaders, police, and prosecutors to positively impact street prostitution. 5.) To provide solutions to positively impact everyone effected by street prostitution based on my over 10-years experience. 6.) To persuade city leaders and law enforcement that continued policies of incarceration over rehabilitation are counterproductive and often further victimize women lost to street prostitution. 7.) To forward the ideology of decriminalization of 100% private, consensual and non-organized prostitution so that our limited resources can be focused on street, forced and organized prostitution and trafficking.

The motto of this site is "Pay to play & you're here to stay." Simply put, if you are caught engaging in street prostitution in Oklahoma County, you will be exposed on this site and your information will remain here FOREVER!

"Street prostitution is not the world's oldest profession. Instead, it is the world's oldest abuse of women." -- Brian Bates

This site takes no proactive stance against individual women who are engaged in 100% consensual prostitution between two adults that is kept 100% away from the public. Meaning, prostitution that is advertised, solicited, procured and engaged in completely behind closed doors and is not a part of an organized business operation (ex. massage parlors, spas, strip clubs, escort services, etc.).


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