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Lara Logan - CBS correspondent


Laura Logan pulled scene with her TV Reporters’ Lovers Quarrel Blows-up in Baghdad. Laura Logan and her boyfriend, Michael Ware of CNN damned each other in a heated argument in the green zone making their secret relation a public scum. Logan is loosing it since she was entertaining a male embassy employee when Ware got in time to catch them.

The argument lasted an hour with all kinds of damnation going across the room. The State Department employee was talking about tax issues when the toxic exchange erupted. It was a very loud argument and public fight which lasted for hours and even spilled over to the CNN safe house next door.

An enterprising editor was in time with a mic to tap the loud debacle and send the world wild and thrilled with the shameful tryst. Laura Logan’s husband who has been pissed by the inept behavior of Logan is reportedly to have left Baghdad to avoid finding himself in the thick of a public and media debate on immoral and shameful liaisons of his wife and the CNN guy. Jason Seimon a professional basketball player is married to Laura Logan. Siemon is not in Iraq anymore and his exact whereabouts are not known. The debacle makes the debut of the movie Hancock premiere a scintillating moment since it’s the last time Siemon and Logan were spotted together. Hancock features actor Will Smith who has been a Hollywood sensational and a friend to Siemon.


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