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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Money Blogging


Atomic Blogging System is very popular package created by Alvin Phang. It claims to show you how you can make money with blogs within 72 hours, even if you are a complete beginner and has never done anything like that before.

I don't want you to be fooled by such statements, because I don't know anyone who started making money within 2 days after creating a blog and this is actually very unlikely. Atomic Blogging is a really great guide, but the sales page promises too much, and trust me, without your hardwork, nothing can make you money.

Let me tell you, if few steps what you need to do to make money blogging:

1. Choose Your Niche & Set Up A Blog

The first that you need to do if you want to make money blogging is to choose your niche. Niche is basically, the market, what you are going to write about: business, gaming, movies, etc. Your blog will be based on that niche, you should target traffic who is interested in your niche.

When your blog is up and running, comes the most difficult part: how to get targeted traffic to your blog? It's important to get targeted traffic, because it's the one that will make you money. It's quite complicated to explain everything here, but Alvin shows how he does this in his Atomic Blogging System.

2. How My Blog Can Make Me Money?

When you have at least some traffic on your blog, a very popular money maker for blogger is Adsense. Adsense is Google's advertising program, which pays when someone clicks on the ads displayed on your website. You won't become a millionaire placing Google ads on your blog, but this is just little extra income from your blog. Make sure you don't click on your own ads, that's not allowed.

Another quite popular way to make money with blogs is to do affiliate marketing. Promoting different products from affiliate networks, such as Clickbank or Commissions Junction can really make you money. You get a commission for sale, when someone buys a product through your affiliate link. It's very effective method to make money, if you have targeted traffic.

I have just described two famous methods here on how you can make money online with your blogs, but in Atomic Blogging Alvin Phang explains many other techniques, which can make you online cash.
As you can see, I haven't talked about any details here, because it would take me long to explain everything.

However, in Atomic Blogging you will find step-by-step instructions, which clearly demonstrate what you need to do to generate cash from your blogs.

3. Atomic Blogging System

If you have never created a blog before, or don't know anything about making money online, then you should really consider having a look at Atomic Blogging System. You see, the problem is that many people fail at making money online, because they don't have knowledge about it and necessary tools to success.

Atomic Blogging is a complete package for anyone wanting to make money blogging. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie, or experienced marketer. This guide will be useful for any person who wants to work at home and make a living online.

I personally love Atomic Blogging, and I know that Alvin Phang worked hard to develop this system for people who want to know how to make money online.

Before I finish my review, let me tell you 3 most important things, that I really liked about Atomic Blogging:

a) Step-by-step instructions on how to get started with your first blog

b) How to SEO your blog to get in top10 of search engines and build backlinks

c) Effective traffic generation method and conversion techniques


Overall, this is golden money making package. Seriously, I would recommend Atomic Blogging to anyone, who would ask me: "How can I make money online?". So if you got that question in your mind, and to want tell bye-bye to your boss, Atomic Blogging is what you need.


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