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Dim sum delights

SINCE his godmother demanded that he visits Sooka Sentral to try out her friend’s Ming Lee’s new restaurant, blogger Fatboybakes obliged.

He sent out an invitation to all of his blogger friends, including Lyrical Lemongrass and Masak-masak, two of the most active food bloggers in the blogging realm.

Scrumptious: The lotus root-shaped pastry.

“Owned by the same owners as Bangsar Seafood Village, the cuisine is halal, and for lunch, they offer a wide array of dim sum.

“At last, a date was set when all of us were free, albeit with a few minor changes from some of the participants. I should mention that the place doesn’t usually serve dim sum for dinner, but one of the bloggers made special arrangements for the dim sum chef to stay back and give us a generous sampling.

“First on the menu were the glutinous rice balls, which I thought were quite nice but I had to make sure I wasn’t too full as I knew there was more to come.

“Next was the fried radish cake. It was very flavourful, containing something that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it gave the dish that extra body and texture.

“The Lamb Pai Kuat on steamed radish soup was a great hit. The prawn cheong fun was a silky smooth rice noodle and I thought it was excellent. The sauce was perfect, not too salty, and the chilli paste complemented the dish. Again, so smooth it could just slide down your throat.

“However, the undisputed winner had to be the lotus root-shaped pastries. With a savoury meat filling and flaky buttery pastry that crumbles and melts in your mouth, they were absolutely divine.

“Apparently it was a new creation by the chef, so it might not be on the menu yet.

“I loved the beef brisket; the taste was superb, but it could have done with a bit more braising. It was unanimously agreed that this would taste even better if it was left overnight. “The restaurant’s signature starter was good. Bamboo fungus roll, sotong ball and chicken floss and venison in bird’s nest, especially, were lovely.

“We also had the stir-fried lotus root with celery and almond flakes. There is no possible way to go wrong with this dish. I love the glorious array of colours and the different textures of the vegetables.

“The pairing of lychee and prawn is rather nice and the prawns were fresh and succulent.

“Another dish worth mentioning is the crab in salted egg yolk. This dish should come with a health warning, though. The wonderfully rich sauce married with the sweet flesh of the mud crab is like a romance made in heaven. But eat too much of this and you might actually end up there.

“It was an enjoyable and relaxing night. Faces were a bit florid from the Savignon Blancs and stomachs were filled to the brim.”


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