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HTC Touch Diamond vs. Samsung i900 Omnia


GSMArena has published a article on HTC Touch Diamond vs. Samsung i900 Omnia. Read more over at GSMArena

“Well, it’s the final whistle in our head-to-head. Tempted as we are to not leave it a tie and send it to a penalty shootout, we just have to pay due respect to both contenders. After all it’s not the score that makes the game exciting. Sometimes a draw can be as interesting to watch, and this one here sure ain’t goalless. Anyway, it’s nearly impossible to give a conclusive judgment as to which of these two fine PocketPCs deserves your money better. The Samsung i900 Omnia and the HTC Touch Diamond are both excellent choices with their own set of advantages and shortcomings. The good thing is they hardly overlap, so getting your priorities right is all you need to make the right choice.

You can certainly get the short version of their virtues at the beginning of this review, we won’t be repeating all of those here.

The main point to make here is that there isn’t a perfect device that’s got it all for all consumer groups even in this high-end segment. Instead, when you go after one of these extra sweet devices you should carefully weigh your priorities and pick the one that covers most of them.

iPhone 3G is still to see a reality check, but it’s almost sure that these two can give the latest Apple device a good fight. Maybe they still can’t challenge the iPhone interface, but they are finally getting closer.

With HTC Touch Diamond and Samsung i900 Omnia, Windows Mobile handsets no longer seem chubby and nerdy. The next generation of PocketPCs match style with the best performance in their class.”


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