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Insurance Tips for Car Rental at Miami Airport


Taking care of yourself when traveling is of utmost importance, and is not something to take too lightly or decide too quickly. Miami is a large, exciting city, jam-packed with people – including daredevil drivers and reckless pedestrians. Renting a car to navigate Miami’s crowded streets and highways is just the first step; after that, you must also consider insurance. The airports in Miami house a wide array of car rental companies. The following is a list of tips to consider when purchasing insurance for rental cars at Miami airports.

It is extremely important to consider the merits of car rental insurance before ever reaching the counter to pick up the rental keys. Car rental insurance simply cannot be a snap decision when there can be so much at stake. Before ever renting a car, travelers should first make a call to their own insurance agents, in order to determine how much and what kind of coverage they currently have. You must have either comprehensive or collision insurance in order to cover a rental policy under your own plan. Otherwise, it will be necessary to purchase rental car insurance.

It is also important to call the credit card company for the card which will be used to reserve the rental car. This is because some types of credit cards may offer more insurance coverage than others – for instance, platinum cards offer more coverage than gold cards. It is possible to depend on credit card companies for insurance, but when doing so, it is important to get confirmation of that coverage in writing. Furthermore, always remember that coverage provided by credit card companies should be secondary to that offered by the insurance company.

Because rental car insurance varies from company to company, state to state, and city to city, make sure to begin by checking out the car rental companies that operate out of whichever airport in Miami you will be flying into, and asking around about their insurance rates.

In general, there are several types of car rental insurance available. The first is collision damage, although it is not technically a type of insurance. It provides waivers which relieve the renter of financial responsibility if the car is stolen or damaged. However, these waivers usually become void if the renter damages the car because they are speeding, driving in unsafe conditions, or driving under the influence. CDW is generally not necessary if the renter has collision and comprehensive insurance of his own, but since it costs, on average, only $9 to $19 per day, it is worth the added protection.

The second type of car rental insurance is liability insurance, which can provide protection for up to one million dollars. It can cost anywhere from $7 to $14 a day. An umbrella liability policy, which can cost $200-$300 a year, is more expensive but also more cost effective, as it provides an added million dollars of protection.

There is also personal accident insurance which covers medical expenses, including ambulance bills, for both the renter and any passengers. It can cost as little as $1 to $5 per day. Finally, personal effects coverage provides protection for items stolen from rental cars, minus any deductibles. It costs $1 to $4 a day.

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