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Miss Washington photos: Scandalous or silly?


Can't a girl have any fun?

Not on TMZ's watch. The blockbuster celebrity site is making a big fuss over party photos it dug up of Elyse Umemoto, a.k.a. Miss Washington.

Predictably enough, they're all the rage online.

The photos show Umemoto drinking, playing beer pong, posing in her bra and yes - flipping off the camera.

Umemoto, who was second runner-up in this year's Miss America pageant, is also shown throwing up something TMZ calls an "oral sex gang sign" - whatever that is.

The pictures are nothing you wouldn't find on Facebook, but TMZ is judging. Why? Because in some of them, Umemoto is wearing her crown.

The Miss Washington Scholarship Organization said in a lengthy statement it is "embarrassed" by the pictures but will pursue no disciplinary action against Umemoto.

They add: "We will trust the legitimate media to be skilled enough at their jobs to realize that there is no story here and move on to real news that matters to the public welfare."

Check out the TMZ photo gallery - if you must - and let us know: Are they right to criticize?

Source - seattlepi


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