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Car Insurance Over a Telephone or The Web?


I don't like computers - another great waste of time as far as I'm concerned, though I am forced to use one a couple of hours a week for work - but spotting my wife's laptop on the kitchen, I figured I could at least go online and try out one of those sites where they do all the searching around for the best quotes.

But how much money was I actually going to save? I could have given in and simply renewed with my existing insurer, regardless of the fact that they'd seem to have ignored my five years of no claims and spotless driving record and lovingly given me practically the same price as last year.

Sorting out car insurance was not the best, most interesting way to use up a morning off work, so I allowed my dislike of computers to be overridden by a sheer necessity to alleviate this increasing boredom and disinterest.

The clock was ticking and there were a range of more appealing jobs to do around the house, like mending the fence, oiling that squeaky living room door, or even chucking the dog's blanket in the wash.

I looked at the computer again. Feeling my arm still aching from cradling the phone while struggling around with my driving documents and scribbling numbers and names down on scraps of paper I knew I was going to have to make a rational decision over my now apparent irrational dislike of modern technology.

So I made a cup of tea. Then refreshed, and with a combination of mock enthusiasm and a desire to get on with the rest of the morning, I turned on the computer and found a web site that, without me barely realising, had found me a pretty good deal on car insurance.

And I saved some money. So much in fact that for spending 10 minutes online filling out a simple and easy to use form, it was worth more to renew my car insurance this way than it was to have gone into work and earn money!

Of course, I put the laptop back in exactly the same place as my wife had left it. I'm always telling her they're a waste of time, though maybe know I'll have to admit that for some things, they're pretty useful. Though of course, I'd rather wash the dog any day of the week.
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