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Reduce Insurance Costs, not Benefits


For more less insurance, you may be able to have. In fact, sometimes, all you have to do is ask. Tell your agent you want to lower your premium, without losing any of the benefits and the likelihood that he or she can find a way. Here are some places to see.

The owners of insurance companies

Accommodation obvious savings insurance:
You can probably discover that the purchase of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and a home security system to reduce the rates of insurance their homes. After that, ideas are cloudier. There is a trampoline in his yard? A pool? Sbarazzarsi aid, but if you have a safe shelter, his agent said that probably this.

Not so obvious savings:
You are overinsured? Some players did not think about this. For example, if you bought your house to $ 300000, it is possible that his agent told him that his house is worth $ 300,000. But this is what your house and land is worth. When a tornado levels of your home, your insurance company to replace your house. Its land, we hope, is still there.
"What is supposed to be secure are the costs of reconstruction," said Mike Cochran, an insurance agent with the country in Chicago. "Their land is probably worth 10 (percent) and 15 percent of the purchase price." So, for a house with a fair market value price of $ 300000, you can ask you is covered by a house valued at € 270000 to $ 255000.

Obviously, there is a but:
But, Cochran warned, if your house is decorated with marble floors kitchen at the level of brick or stone walls, are probably better convey the full market value, as these materials are expensive and in constant growth in value. But if you have a simple two floors with vinyl cladding and there are 40 other houses in your neighborhood with the same floor, and you want to save a little 'money each month, thus reducing the costs of reconstruction are a good way to go .

Scott Simmonds, an insurance consultant based in Saco, Maine, agrees that the house is new. If you bought a house in 1989 and 1989 on prices have not updated their home insurance, since then, of course, you must take into account the expansion, rather than downward.
"The best thing to do is simply discover what they will cost to replace your house," said Simmonds. "Most insurance agents are tools that can help you figure that, but if nothing else, we know what a house would cost per square foot. If you have a 200,000-square-foot home, and '$ 120 per square foot to replace it, well, you can do math. "

Getting into the habit of thinking in contact with his insurance agency at any time to make modifications to his home, said Kristin Brewer, spokesman for Esurance.com. He said that "you should call your agent almost any time you come home for a lot of improvements", noting that things like sprinklers, thief, a backup sump pump, gutter improvements or even put into a new bridge to replace an old who was not well-lit all deserve a phone call to your insurance company.

Automobile insurance

Self-saving for car insurance:
Just to put a security system? He received a service such as OnStar GPS tracking? Just buy one of those steering wheel locking devices? If you have done nothing to make the car a little 'safer, is a good idea to consult with his agent.

Not so obvious savings: Do you have a teen driver? Cochran suggests, especially if you have a machine expensive as a Lexus or Mercedes, you go to a used car lot. "Buying a beater, but what is safe, and to add to his car. Since a lot of times, adding a driver on an old used car gives you much better rates not only the addition of a Lexus driver current or Mercedes. " Of course there is a but: But check with your airline. Cochran is the experience with the country.

Health Insurance

Self-saving health insurance: Do you smoke? You are overweight? If you can give up nicotine, their rights will be placed dramatically, rising pounds and is a good way to drop dollars out of their prizes.
Not so obvious savings: there is not much available here. Of all the insurance, health must be an irony that makes people more harm. Some companies will give you a better position if, for example, a triathlon athlete. Cochran said that his company offers something called "the most preferred not to snuff", which are the best of the best prices and gives only 1 percent to 2 percent of its customers. Therefore, if you run the Boston Marathon or simply are particularly suited than most Americans could be driving something like that.

Obviously, there is a but: But if you think there is no way to benefit from something similar, there are some other options to reduce the total insurance company that may have forgotten to take into account.

If you have two or three different insurance agents or agencies, taking into account the consolidation of some of them with one agency, which generally can reduce their tariffs in all its insurance policies.

Simmonds said that his home and auto policies almost always get off if you have an agent who represents. Crees not worth trying to do with health, which most people obtain their employer or life and disability policies, because they are all so different. "I prefer dealing with someone who knows what they are doing that with someone who works only with these policies a part-time," he says.

Also, if the teen becomes a lifeguard and brings a life-saving course, or if you take a class in CPR or participate in anything that seems to make your home, health, auto or life insurance, it is worth asking whether these new situations to reduce their tariffs.

But most importantly, review your insurance agent and talk with you about it once a year to keep abreast of all life-changing events that can change the equation in its tariffs is crucial to reduce their premiums, said Brewer. "The pain is as tedious and boring and as a subject that may seem, you really should see to the needs of your insurance company once a year."


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