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Daily Forex Signal & Analysis


Today we have bunch of news but i think none of this news will have some big impact in market condition, at least for today. So, i think i have to focus on technical indicator. GBP/USD today in my chart is open on the pivot line which is 1.7604 right now. MACD is below 0 level and RSI is also below 50 level. Volume is moderate at the moment. So i think i will wait till i have more evidence to execute my positon in GBP/USD. Maybe euro or london session will shed some light where this currency wanna go.

GBP/JPY on the other hand, open below pivot 188.91. Base on the RSI daily, we can see this pair is oversold already. Maybe we can see some consolidation retesting resistant and support for the rest of this week. MACD is below 0 and RSI is below 50. At this time, with low volume, i dont want to guess where this beast might go. Will have to wait untill enough evidence if i want to execute a position.

AUD/JPY is also open below pivot level which is 86.54 and EUR/JPY is also open below pivot @ 151.71. I dont want to assume anymore cause i had a bad experiences in the past. Will have to wait untill more volume in euro/london session. Maybe today i will scalp here & there if i see good movement in 5M timeframe. That's all for today folks.


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