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Celebrities Die in Threes - Review


Jordan Bruns:
Fiction. It's an interesting concept but there is no real method to determine whether it's true. In just the last month, we've lost Eddy Arnold (May 8), Sydney Pollack (May 26) and Harvey Korman (May 29). However, Charlton Heston died in April, so technically that's four. And that's not counting any obscure names or up-and-comers who might have died recently. An example of this is Rob Knox, the 18-year-old English actor who was stabbed to death on May 24. Knox had recently finished his work on the upcoming Harry Potter movie, which was his first big screen role. Major celebrity deaths happen in one-two combos more often than they happen in groups of three. Elvis Presley and Grouch Marx died three days apart, John Ritter and Johnny Cash, one day apart, and Jim Henson and Sammy Davis Jr. on the same day. The "trend" of celebrity deaths ocurring in threes is just what it says above, an old wive's tale.

Al Norton:
Fiction. Is this really a F or F question? We could be debating the merits of Megan Fox vs. those of Sofia Vergara, if Ice Road Truckers is better than Deadliest Catch, what farm animals Jim Belushi must have pictures of ABC executives having sex with to get yet another season of According to Jim on the air, or if Denny Crane will be remembered as a better character than James T Kirk, and yet we are left to talk about if celebrities die in threes? Sure they do, if you make the sampling periods big enough, or if you really broaden your definition of "celebrity", but I'd rather talk about last Thursday's finale of Lost. For the record, my answers are Vergara, Ice Road Truckers, goats, and Denny Crane.


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