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Microsoft Suffering From Post-Traumatic Yahoo Disorder


The stress of Microsoft’s failed bid for Yahoo has apparently been so great, the company’s been put off its food. Microsoft (MSFT) says it has no intention of seeking the search-advertising market heft it might have gained in an acquisition of Yahoo (YHOO) with a spate of other Internet purchases.
“People don’t understand what they’re talking about,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told the Financial Times, referring to speculation about a post-Yahoo buying spree. “At the end of the day, this is about the ad platform.”

And don’t forget Google (GOOG) …
“The most important application for the foreseeable future is search,” Ballmer added. “It’s where you start things. It’s where you express intent. It is important. I don’t think we can say, OK, well, we’re going to be in the ad-platform business, and we’re going to do it just on the strength of non-search based assets. We have to be in the ad business, and we’ve got to have a good chunk of the search market.”

If you can call 5.89% of the market a good chunk.


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