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New Way To Make Money Online


Late last night I received a video from a CN reader who has created a hot new infomercial about a new way to make money online. I've embedded the infomercial below and here's some background information on the topic.
Over the past week, there has been quite the discussion about content and what can and can't be used without permission. Most of the talk has been around the A.P. and their content policies. What I'd like to discuss today is the other discussion -- taking full content and doing as one wishes with it. This includes posting it on other sites all the way to monetizing it as if it was their own with barely any attribution or links.

Fav.or.it opened their doors this week and Techcrunch's Mike Butcher couldn't get enough of how great an app it is. Former Techcrunch writer Duncan Riley took the opposite stand noting that Fav.or.it is basically taking full content from the source and generating revenue from it. Duncan notes, "...when did splogging become a business model again? It’s like a whole chunk of the world missed the memo that ripping peoples content off for your own commercial gain is immoral and wrong, no matter how well you flavor the end product."

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Duncan also broke another story of Keith Teare (former Edgeio co-founder) who has created a set of sites that scrape other's content. This set of sites has sparked a huge conversation on FriendFeed. Teare says he is just playing around with an idea and that he isn't monetizing the content. Robert Scoble, who is normally ok with you stealing anything he does, isn't ok with Teare reposting the content on FriendFeed (clearly FF is sacred ground!). Apparently Teare has changed his seriously content scrapers today to fall in line with what Riley and Scoble want.

This afternoon we learned that a blogger is threatening RSSMeme with legal action for scraping her content and using it in full without her permission.


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