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Ringtone - Presbycusis and the Mosquito


Science has progressed tremendously along with the movement of the passage of time and there are various new concepts that have come to the forefront. While human beings have accessible to the basic knowledge that is required for survival, there are various unknown or lesser known theories and ideas which have never been exploited.

The concept of presbycusis is not an unknown but an unfamiliar concept for many. but it is absolutely essential for one to have adequate knowledge regarding this concept in order to understand the founding premise of the Mosquito ringtone. The concept of presbycusis refers to a form of hearing disorder or gradual loss of hearing which affects all adult human beings. Because of this loss in hearing capacity adult human beings are unable to hear high frequency sound waves, like those ranging between 18 to 20 KHz.

It is interesting to note that while at an older age, this hearing loss is quite evident in individuals, it is not noticeable in young adults as normal human communication varies between 200 to 8000 hertz. However, it is to be noted that this problem is not visible among young children and teenagers and therefore while adults are unable to listen to these high frequency sound waves, they are easily audible to children and teens. This is what is known as the principle pf presbycusis and needless to say it has a very important role to play in the development of the Mosquito ringtone.


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