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Online auto insurance


Auto Insurance is a mandatory requirement for all vehicles, especially commercial vehicles, everywhere in the world. Since the business of vehicles increased in the worldwide, subsequently accidents, deaths, disabilities, theft and loss of properties have also increased drastically.

Traffic accident can be defined as any vehicle accident occurring. online auto insurance on public roads including collisions between vehicles, colliding with stray animals, vehicles hitting pedestrians and with various accidents including ramming on trees and other fixed signs and protection barriers, etc.

Road accidents and related injuries are among the major factors of disease burden and it will be the one among top 3 disease burden causes by the year 2020.

The figures of car accident online auto insurance in the US are an indication of increasing accidents, where an accident occurs every 10 seconds. There are a number of factors for the increasing motor accidents. Most of the accidents are occurring due to negligence and reckless driving, drinking and driving is another major cause and concern for other motorists and pedestrians. Driving under the influence of alcohol caused 21% of child fatalities in car crashes and drivers in the age group of 21 to 24 year are mostly involved in alcohol-related road fatalities in the US in 2003. In long trips, tired drivers are the culprits where sleepless long-hour driving causes serious accidents involving many vehicles and killing innocent people.

Many renowned cities in the developing world have narrow roads and cannot accommodate the volume of new vehicles which are coming to the roads every day.

Many underdeveloped countries and developing countries have poor record in testing the capabilities of a driver on the road. Corruption in the transport departments of many such countries are well known such as bribing the licensing official for obtaining a licence even without any road test at all or conducting it for online auto insurance the name sake. Underdeveloped or poor countries are the front runners in high-level official corruption and taking bribe and issuing licences at their own discretion sitting at home even though stringent measures are in place by the government and other responsible agencies. Also, officials and departments responsible for certifying or passing the condition requirement and roadworthiness of vehicles accepting huge amount as bribes for vehicles which are not meeting the guidelines are common in many countries. Many commercial vehicles which are plying on the heavily populated busy roads are not roadworthy and condemned vehicles in many countries. The lifespan stipulated for commercial vehicles and personal vehicles are violated by the corrupted officials by taking bribe and issuing fitness certificates.

For an owner of a car, online auto insurance is not just a personal requirement but a legal necessity. In case of an accident or theft of the vehicle, auto insurance with sufficient coverage can be of help to ease difficult situations. Many motorists trying to avoid or take insufficient insurance requirements because of the money involved as premium every month or year. Insurance coverage such as uninsured motorist coverage takes care of bodily injuries occurred due to accidents and Underinsured motorist coverage cover bodily injury from drivers liability insurance with a limit of lower than the injured partys underinsured motorist coverage. Advise of an experienced lawyer with motor vehicle accident damages should be considered in such cases to avail maximum benefits offered under such schemes. The high volume of commuters and personal use of vehicles have increased risk factors in the US. It is estimated that annually 1% of the US population injured or engaged in motor vehicle accidents.

In the UK motor vehicle accidents caused 327,544 injuries with 42,967 serious injuries and 3,599 deaths in 1997. In Japan, a recent study conducted by the National Organization for Automotive Safety & Victims Aid (OSA) reported that fatalities and injuries due to road accidents in Japan totalled at a staggering number of 999,886 cases, with motor vehicle occupants accounted more than 61%.

In India, in spite of its position as a growing economic power, its share in the world on account of number of vehicles is only 1%, but the country accounts for 6% of reported accidents and 10% of fatality rate in the world. But, in terms of insurance market, it is a very small one and countries like South Korea and South Africa did more than twice of Indias business in 2004. Indian insurance industry was opened to the private sector in 1999 and there are more than 22 licenced companies with global participation with a $ 235 million FDI and it is an emerging market with very fast expansion. Among major causes of accidents in the Capital, Delhi and other big cities were poor traffic awareness by road users and negligence of road authorities, poor maintenance of installed traffic signals and accidents due to stray animals, mostly the revered animal, Cow. Indian roads are on the top of those countries with stray animals on the busy roads creating traffic havocs. Computerization of driving licence system started in Delhi in 1998 to speed up the procedures as well as to prevent malpractices and corruption.

Purchasing of competitive online auto insurance is a tough task now these days while taking into consideration that the market is volatile and fluctuating. Many companies are on the prowl for their share in the market and them very often changing their rates dramatically. It is necessary to get quotes from some competing companies to verify the rate difference. Sometimes, there will be hundreds of dollars difference in rates among competitors. Also, many companies offer discounts while insure any another item, vehicle or home. Another area where most auto owners do not know the real fact is in the deductible amount. Raising the deductible amount rather than the normally paid $100 or $250 to $500 or $1000, which is paid for repairs before the insurance company covers the rest, in effect, will reduce the insurance rates.

Online auto insurance has become more familiar term now these days and it is a $158 billion industry. In some States in the US, an online process could be completed and proof of insurance could be obtained in 15 minutes. Online agencies takes just a few minutes in obtaining a car insurance quote and provide rates from different companies that suit your requirements. Multiple quotes can provide ample place for competition and bargaining to fix a deal with at least 25% saving. Price competitiveness and the online quote process are the mainstay of this business. A deal can finish online or their professional call center will help to purchase the insurance. Typically there are three types of coverage, namely, property, medical and liability coverage with a term up to one year and one has to decide the type of policy which suits his needs at the most.


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