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Dawn Yang - The Hottest Blogger in Sigapore.


Dawn Yang, aka Dawn Yeo and nickname ClapBangKiss, born on 5th December 1984 in Singapore, is one of the hottest blogger in Singapore. Beside blogging on her own web sites, Dawn Yang is also one of the bloggers at StarBlog.Stomp.com.sg

A 23 year-old child at heart, a free-spirited and good-humored/quirky soul, who dances through life’s journey with a wallop of vivaciousness… A homely and serious side lurks beneath the party girl exterior. I’ve been labeled “celeb blogger” and “hottest blogger”, though I’m still trying to figure out why.

The rest of the Stomp’s Star Blog bloggers include Nadia, Dylan Tan, Egena Fu, Maia Lee, Jamie Yeo and Ju-Len.

Dawn Yang is also a model, having featured in FHM and Maxim. She was once ranked 21st in FHM 100 Sexiest Woman in the World and 7th in Maxim HOT 100 woman in the world. With so many celebrities in the world, it’s quite surprising she can be one of the top 100.

However, she is not listed in the top 100 of the latest FHM 100 Sexiest Woman in the World 2008 and Maxim HOT 100 woman in the world 2008.

Dawn Yang was close from being involved in Edison Chen Sex Scandal. She revealed that she met the actor through friends while holidaying in Japan in 2004. She wrote:

When the pictures first leaked, I seriously thanked God I was not foolish, naive or feeling frisky beyond control.

Otherwise my photos may have just ended up being among the hot 1,300 ones out there. I mean, with cute, charming, sweet Eddie, it could be very hard to resist.

Anyway, Eddie basically can get any girl he wants, and he knows it. A young, hot-blooded man like him – much to the envy of guys everywhere – thus has lots and lots of sex, with tons and tons of different women.

Lucky girl. Isn’t she?

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